I guess you know about 500 Plus, 300 Plus and the tourist voucher that are money from the Polish state. Now there most likely also will be a “3000 plus”: it is an allowance to cover some energy expenses regarding coal for heating to amount to PLN 3,000. The bill on the allowance was included in the government’s work list.

The solution is to support a large group of households in Poland. It is about covering part of the costs resulting from very high increases in coal prices.

To cover higher energy expenses

The carbon allowance will amount to PLN 3,000 and will be granted on a one-off basis. To receive the subsidy, the application will have to be submitted by November 30, 2022.

The municipalities will take care of accepting applications and paying the benefits.

According to the proposed regulations, the carbon supplement will be granted to a household where a coal-fired stove is used for heating. It is about:

  • solid fuel boilers;
  • fireplaces;
  • air heaters;
  • kitchen shafts;
  • stoves;
  • coal cookers;
  • tiled stoves.

The supplement will be given to people who use hard coal, briquettes or pellets containing at least 85 percent for firing in these furnaces.

A prerequisite for obtaining a carbon allowance is obtaining an entry or reporting the heating source to the Central Emission Register of Buildings.

Coal is getting more and more expensive

In 2022, fuels will become more expensive on the EU and domestic markets. This is the result of the interaction of a number of overlapping factors, incl. economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic and the armed invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the Ministry of Climate and Environment reports. It is this resort that is responsible for the project.

One of the more expensive fuels is coal. It is extremely expensive on the Polish market or not at all. Poland, on the other hand, uses coal the most strongly among the EU countries for heating residential buildings.

The government and parliament recently adopted a law that provided for subsidies for companies to sell coal at a reduced price. However, the private sector’s interest in this solution was low, the government spokesman said at the press conference.

Coal cannot only be bought at the price proposed by the government, but also completely lacking on the Polish market. Hence, the purchase of 4.5 million tons of coal was ordered in an emergency mode to two companies of the State Treasury: Węglokoks and PGE.

Source: 300gospodarka


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