Revolut customers without access to their money

Revolut users complain about blocking access to accounts and the lack of a clear way of getting tech support.

As writes, the readers of the portal are increasingly complaining about the standards of service of the popular financial application Revolut that was hacked recently. The problem is primarily the system for submitting complaints and the unclear path of such proceedings, because contact with the company is difficult.

Lack of contact

– I have a Premium account in Revolt and savings accounts, the so-called safes. I have funds above 16,000 on both. PLN and I have not had access to my money for several days. I’m getting an app error that Revolut can’t fix. Of course, applications are sold with patience-based formulas. They do not want to close my safes (I have finally terminated the contract), nor do they want to give my money back. When asked when they will solve my problem, they reply that they do not want to give me illusory hopes – writes one of Bankier’s readers.

Another user lost access to her money after her document expired. After repeated reminders, he claims, the in-app document was finally updated, but the account was blocked anyway.

“We need some information. We’re sorry, but we need a little more information before we can restore your account. To expedite the process, please be ready to send us some basic documents, such as a payslip or bank statement. Don’t worry, everything you send is confidential, ” It says in the message sent to the client.

As the reader of Bankier says, the only option to contact Revolut is chat. On which no one answers.

Revolut responds

As the Revolut press office writes, answering the Bankier’s questions, the complaint form is available on the company’s website. In case of emergency, questions can be asked by email at, or on Twitter, designating the company. The primary form of communication, however, is chat.

– The answers are first provided by the RITA bot, and then by one of several hundred help consultants. For example, about 500 consultants work in the Krakow office –  the reply sent to the editorial office of Bankier says.

Source: Wprost and Bankier



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