Orlen has launched an online store called Vitay. Will compete with Amazon and Allegro

The fuel giant is opening up more and more to e-commerce. It´s online store Vitay already offers over 3.5 thousand products, and by the end of the year this number is to be multiplied. The company also does not exclude food supplies and announces transformation into a marketplace.

The Vitay e-store, as representatives of the concern explain to us, was launched at the end of December 2021, after 9 months of implementation work, which also included tests. Currently, the store offers over 3.5 thousand. SKU, and by the end of the year this number is to be multiplied. These are both branded and private label products.

The platform groups its products into five categories: “automotive”, “electronics”, “household appliances”, “home and garden” and “sport fashion tourism“. This means that you can buy not only car cameras and phone holders, but also cookers, ovens, induction hobs and electric scooters.

– Among the categories with the fastest sales growth are “automotive” and “home and garden”. We also see a lot of potential in the category of “small household appliances” – Orlen explains. Of course, it’s about blenders, coffee makers and toasters.

Representatives of the concern emphasise, however, that they want to expand their offer the most in the first category, which is strongly related to Orlen’s main business branch.

Vitay will be like Allegro and Amazon?

Further technological development of the platform is also planned. According to Orlen’s data, the Vitay e-store is growing at a double-digit rate. In the longer term, the company is thinking of transforming it into a marketplace, so that individual producers or distributors can offer their products there.

– This is a natural direction in which e-commerce platforms develop and we take it into account – explains Orlen.

The company also does not exclude deliveries of food products from its stations or take-away sales. It studies the market in this respect, but there are no specific declarations of going in this direction or establishing appropriate cooperation with external partners.

What synergies between Orlen and Ruch?

What is important, Orlen sees the possibility of many synergies in its e-shop with other projects, including the mobile application and Orlen Paczka, but also with Ruch’s business. When buying in the Vitay store, customers can choose the option of free delivery by Parcel Orlen. They can also exchange points accumulated at stations for products in some locations of Orlen w Ruchu. In addition, Ruch runs the fulfilment process for Orlen and delivers a significant part of purchased Orlen products by Parcel.

– The Vitay.pl store is one of the tools that increases both the attractiveness of the loyalty program and customer engagement. The project also contributes to the achievement of other indirect goals, such as increasing the frequency and time spent in the mobile 

Source: Wiadomoscihandlowe


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