500 Plus. How to check when ZUS will pay the benefit? [GUIDE]

On June 1, ZUS began to pay 500 Plus benefits under the new settlement period. However, each beneficiary may have a different payout date. How do I check the payout date? I explain it below.

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) has been dealing with the payment of money from the Rodzina 500 Plus program since June 1. Benefits may be transferred to the accounts of beneficiaries on a different date than before. ZUS allocates money transfer dates randomly.

Benefit money when? Check it out for yourself

The company may allocate a benefit payment on the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th or 22nd day of the month.  If payment is due on a holiday, the funds will be credited to your account the day before.

However, the date of payment of the 500 Plus benefit can be checked by logging into PUE ZUS. To do this, go to the ZUS.pl website and click the “Log in to PUE” button. We can log in via a Trusted Profile.

After logging in, make sure that you are in the “beneficiary” tab – it is visible at the top of the screen. In the next step, we must select the “500 Plus ” benefit from the list on the left.

In the next step, click on the “Details of your applications” inscription. We will see their list in the middle of the screen. The next step is to click on a specific application – even if only one is visible. This will enable us to click the “Details” button at the bottom of the screen.

The final steps

The next step takes two clicks. First, we need to indicate the application whose payment date we want to know. Importantly, it must have the status of “right to benefit”. In the next step, click on the “payouts” at the bottom of the screen. The 500 Plus benefit payment date will be visible in the next window.

You can use Chrome to translate it into English fx.

Source: Gazeta

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