Get new customers and show your brand via ads

Is your audience busniess owners or other people interested in business with focus on Poland, then Business news from Poland is the right place to be visible via ads.Business in Poland

The same goes if you sell products and services that is not b2b in Poland and to the rest of the world especially Europe. You can set up and order here and you pay either via Paypal or a bank transfer. The bank transfer info you can get at the order page when ordering but it is:

IBAN: PL78 103000190109 850300183945
Bank Name: Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
Bank Address: Senatorska 16, 00-923 Warszawa

If you are ordering via bank transfer and not directly via the order page, then please write me regarding what kind of ad you want etc. My e-mail adress is

8 different ads to choose from

Bottom sidebar 125x125 - on all pages: from 350 PLN for 8 days.

Bottom sidebar ad 336x280 - on all pages: from 600 PLN for 8 days.

Top sidebar ad 336x280 - on all pages: from 800 PLN incl. VAT for 8 days.

Top banner ad 728x90 - on all pages: from 2500 PLN incl. VAT for 8 days.

Top right corner peel ad 250x250 - on all pages: from 3000 PLN incl. VAT for 8 days.

Layer ad 1920x1200 - on all pages: from 4500 PLN incl. VAT for 8 days.

Background ad 1920x1200 - on all pages: from 5000 PLN incl. VAT for 8 days.

SEO optimised advertorial article with links, can also be with video in article - on frontpage and in category, will be shared once on all Biz in Polands Facebook, LinkedIN profiles etc: 7500 PLN incl. VAT one time payment - ad for life!

As you can see it is "from" prices because you can also choose to have an ad for 14 days (2 weeks) or 31 days (1 month). I give discounts for some of the ads, when it is more than 8 days. You can see how much on the order ads page. Contact me for more details fx write me at

See how your ads are preforming

When you order ads on Business news from Poland, you are via e-mail getting detailed information about how your ad is preforming. Both when it comes to views and clicks etc.

Over 20 ads to choose from

As I mentioned earlier there are per default 7 ads to choose from, but if the one you want is not shown then don´t worry about it because there are over 20 different ads plus many different effects etc. Fx. is is also possible to have a video ad and only show ads for some or only one country etc.

Just contact me for further details regarding that, by writing me at The same goes if you want to have the ad shown in a different periode of time or want me to set up the ad or if you have any questions regarding the advertising. As mentioned you can order the ad(s) here.

Pricelist last updated 26 feb. 2022 and all prices are incl. VAT. Invoice will be send after order has been paid.