300 plus for a child school year -

From Friday, applications for a layette 300 plus can be submitted – it is a one-time benefit in the amount of PLN 300, granted to students starting the school year. How do I apply? I will explain it below

The “Dobry Start ” program, also known as the 300 plus layette, is to supplement family budgets before the start of the new school year. Support for all students amounts to PLN 300 and is paid on a one-off basis.

Who will get the money?

Dobry Star ” covers students of all schools – primary, secondary, post-secondary and other. “The allowance is granted once a year for a child attending school until the age of 20. For a disabled child who attends school, the allowance is granted until the child turns 24″ – reports the Ministry of the Family. Families can receive additional support regardless of their income.

The “Dobry Start” program does not cover kindergarten and preschoolers. Students cannot count on additional benefits at the beginning of the academic year.

“Dobry Start” program. How to apply for the 300 plus benefit?

Claims for the new benefits pool can be made between July 1 and November 30. To get extra money before the end of September, the documents must be completed before the end of the vacation. It is worth adding that if the student is at least 18 years old, he can submit them himself.

How to apply for 300 plus? Applications are only accepted online. The application may be submitted by:

  • emp@tia portal;
  • electronic banking;
  • PUE ZUS portal.

Applications for 300 plus are considered by the Social Insurance Institution, which also deals with the payment of benefits last year. The process was fully automated. In the future, the same will happen to the 500 plus. Funds from 300 plus are transferred directly to your account, they cannot be received in cash.

Source: Gazeta


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