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The trend is to have a paywall when you have an online news website.Does your Polish firm employ refugees from Ukraine? Then you have new responsibilities But everyone should be able to have access to trustworthy and informative news and therefore Business news from Poland has decided not to have a paywall! But you have the option to support the website and Ukraine!

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But it takes a lot of time to provide the news on a daily basis. Therefore I (Søren Christensen) hope you will support the website either via a one time amount or as a recurring supporter on a weekly, monthly or yearly supporter.

You choose the amount yourself (min 3 dollars) and when you donate money 10 percent of the monthly income will go to a charity who is helping Ukrainians and that either in Ukraine or abroad! 

Every month I will write who got the money on the website. If there are any of course.

10 percent discount on consulting services

As an extra thank you for your donation, recurring donors will get 10 percent on all Biz in Poland’s consulting services!

Great, how do I donate?

Below you can choose the amount and how you will pay etc. You can pay in many ways incl, using Stripe, Paypal or bank transfer. Always secure and encrypted payment.

You can always change the amount you pay if you decide to donate on a regular basis. Moreover below the articles there will also be the option to donate.

Thanks for your help also on behalf of Ukraine!