There are empty shelves in many Biedronka stores.

More and more Biedronka customers see empty shelves in the stores of this chain. Reasons? There are at least a few of them, including the problem with the employees.

Empty shelves in Biedronka

There are more and more entries in social media about empty shelves in Biedronka. Some noticed them already in June, others noticed them only now. While initially one could have the impression that these were only problems of individual stores, now these signals cannot be underestimated.

Depending on the location, Biedronki lacks various products. Sometimes it’s milk, sometimes it’s toilet paper or sugar that are expensive these months.

“The image crisis of the Biedronka brand is unfolding. Customers have already noticed empty shelves and the lack of goods in many stores of the chain. In the background of employees leaving, they are not willing to work.” Solidarity “in the collective dispute with the management, the reason for not paying bonuses to the staff of stores ” – comments on Twitter Janusz Pietruszyński, trend analyst.

Problems with logistics

Where did these problems come from? As writes, there are several reasons and they are intertwined. “The information that reaches us shows that Biedronka primarily has problems with logistics. There is a shortage of employees in warehouses, there are also no drivers, and employees complain of exhaustion ” – you can read on the portal.

“Taking into account the current conditions of the commercial sector in Poland, we are working together with our suppliers on effective solutions for the delivery of products to our stores.

It must be remembered that the entire market is currently struggling with temporary challenges for suppliers in many product categories. these challenges, in the general scale of the country, the service level of deliveries [the indicator informs what percentage of deliveries was made in accordance with the orders] in our network in July this year improved by 6 percentage points, and we are doing everything to ensure full availability of goods in the near future “- says Marcin Hadaj, corporate communication manager at the Biedronka network, in a message sent to the editors of

Source: BusinessInsider Photo: from Facebook


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