Get the tourist voucher from the Polish state. Until when and how?

This article, which is number 500 since the start back in late February, is regarding how to get the tourist voucher from the Polish state.

The tourist voucher is to support Polish families and, at the same time, the tourist industry during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who is entitled to the tourist voucher ?

It is an electronic document entitled to the amount of PLN 500 for each child. The funds can be used until the end of September 2022 for a holiday vacation. Children with a disability certificate are entitled to PLN 1,000.

“As in the ‘Rodzina 500 Plus ‘ program, the voucher is available regardless of the income level. The tourist voucher will be available to almost 6.5 million Polish children, including children of parents working abroad,’ it says on the official website of the program.

Where can it be used?

The tourist voucher can be used only in Poland during a stay at a hotel, guesthouse, agritourism farm or campground. The money can also be spent on summer camps, a green school, a camp or a tourist event organised by public benefit organisations or a tourist entrepreneur. The Government points out that “a package should be understood as a combination of at least two different types of travel services for the same trip or  vacation “.

How to activate it?

The Polish Tourist Voucher is an electronic document with a 16-digit number and is available on the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Social Insurance Institution. It contains information on who is entitled to and what is the total amount of benefits granted. To activate it:

  1. log in to the ZUS Electronic Services Platform using a Trusted Profile,
  2. in the “General” tab, select the “Polish Tourist Voucher” option, and then “My voucher”,
  3. wait for the travel voucher in the form of a 16-digit code to be sent to the phone number or e-mail address provided by the parent,
  4. click “Activate the voucher”,
  5. the payment service code will be displayed – select “Ok”.

Source: Gazeta


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