Poland announces sanctions list against named oligarchs and companies

The Polish government has today announced a sanctions list against named oligarchs and companies The first list of sanctions includes 50 Russian companies and oligarchs the names of Russian oligarchs and economic entities, including Gazprom, informed Mariusz Kaminski, Minister of the Interior and Administration.

On the sanctions list are these firms and people

Among the people covered by the sanctions were: Tatiana Bakalchuk, Oleg Deripaska, Mikhail Fridman, Mikhail Gucerjew, Mosze Kantor.

According to the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Poland has also imposed sanctions on Russian companies. This group includes: Acron Pao, Barter Coal, Go Sport Polska, Kamaz, Kaspersky LAB, Novatek Green Energy, Gazprom.

Maciej Wąsik, secretary of state in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, emphasised that the ABW, CBA and SKW had applied for entries on the sanctions list. He noted that 15 decisions concern persons and 35 economic entities. He also added that there are already more will be added in the future

Not a big surprise

It is not a big surprise that there would be this sanctions list because it has be discussed a lot also in the media and some already had there assets frozen in Poland also that there are oligarchs that are doing business in and with Poland.

The biggiest suprise is that the lists is not longer than it is but as mentioned above more Russians and Russian companies will be added. The sanctions will most likely be frozen assets and that Polish firms are not allowed to do business with these Russian firms.

It is already not allowed to import Russian coal and for a while it was belived that it would be the same case with LPG gas from Russia but it was surprisingly not approved by the Polish Sejm and it seems that bill will for now at least not be handled again in the Sejm but other sanctions could come.

Source: BusinessInsider


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