Orlen will take over part of the courier business of Poczta Polska. The Polish government has such an idea

The Ministry of State Assets is to work on establishing a company that would be able to compete with the giants of the courier industry – InPost, DPD or DHL – Rzeczpospolita has learned . The courier and logistics business would be separated from Poczta Polska , which would then be taken over by Orlen, which has considerable experience on the CEP market, developing the Orlen Paczka service.

Bigger competition on the CEP market?

A wealthy concern from Płock would easily find funds to co-finance the new entity and include it in the logistics and courier structures of Orlen, which have been built for several years. As a result, a strong entity could be created, able to compete with the largest players on the KEP market.

Poczta Polska would have to limit its activity to providing public services, such as delivery of official correspondence or e-government. This activity is unprofitable – it is necessary to maintain an army of about 70,000 employees and networks in most unprofitable post offices.

According to the information obtained by Rzeczpospolita, different visions of the functioning of the new entity appeared already at the initial stage – Poczta Polska would have an appetite to keep half of the shares in this company, while Orlen, which is to support it financially, would prefer to take over the entire business.

Let us recall that Poczta Polska, which generated nearly PLN 178 million in profit in 2021, ended last year with a loss of over PLN 5.7 million. The growing minimum wage is one of the reasons for the deterioration of the company’s financial situation, which is forced to continue its less profitable activity.

What’s more, the trade union Union Alternative working in the company is demanding a raise. The organisation argues that every second postman for full-time work is paid below the national minimum.

This is because Poczta Polska does not react to the government’s raising the statutory minimum wage, paying employees underpaid salaries at the old rate for months. During this time, employees are forced to borrow from friends or take payday loans. The compensation they receive after months of waiting is interest free.

Courier market in Poland is growing rapidly

It is worth noting that the courier market is growing rapidly. Courier shipments accounted for as much as 66.8 percent in 2022. the value of the postal market and 45.8 percent. the entire volume of postal services. The development of the market was supported by the growing e-commerce. The volume increased by 15.2% compared to 2021, while revenues increased by 17.0%. By 46.8 percent the number of parcel machines has also increased.

From the point of view of individual segments of the postal services market, in 2022 there were a total of 75 alternative operators operating in the segment of courier items, 46 operators in the segment of services falling within the scope of universal services, and 23 alternative operators operating in the segment of other postal services.

UKE lists among the leading postal operators in the courier segment: InPost, DPD Polska, Poczta Polska, GLS Poland, UPS Polska, Fedex Express Poland and DHL.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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