Poland has so far spent this amount to help Ukrainians in Poland

During the six months of the war in Ukraine, PLN 1.04 billion was spent on benefits for Ukrainians refugees who came to Poland as a result of the war in Ukraine, informs Dziennik Gazeta Prawna on Thursday.

Over 1 billion of PLN to help Ukrainians

“During the six months of the war in Ukraine, PLN 1.04 billion was spent on benefits for refugees who came to our country. The most, PLN 960 million, was allocated to 500 plus, which currently receives 403 thousand Ukrainian children” – I read in ” DGP “

The newspaper calculates that “the payment of family capital, which covers 15.4 thousand children, cost almost PLN 46 million, and PLN 27.5 million – family allowances granted by municipalities.

Moreover they of course get other support and a lot of the money comes from the EU funds. 

Keep supporting Ukraine and Ukranians 

The many Ukranians also have had an effect on the rental market in Poland but I find it is important that we keep supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainians that had to leave their home country because of Russia’s unjustified aggression against Ukraine. That is my own opinion.

There are by the way many ways you can support Ukraine and I have written many articles about it. You can find them by using the search function on the website. You find it next to the menu.

Source: BusinessInsider



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