Support Ukraine

Ukraine needs all the support it can get and we should support in every way possible and it does not matter where you live, because it effects us all but of course mostly the families in Ukraine!

All support to Ukraine matters!

All support matters big og small and whatever you can spare and give.

I have decided that all the income from my patreon will go help the famillies in Ukraine via

I know Andrew who is more than realible and therefore 25% of all advertsing income will also go there. You can order here.

Moreover the firm Søren Christensen will not do business with Russian companies as long as Ukraine is not free!

It could be our own familly and country

It is very important to remember that it could be our own country or familly that could be in this dire straits.

Moreover we dont know if Putin would attack another country and even a NATO member country. He seems to be very unpredictable.

Plus we also have a moral obligation to help people in need and especially if you are a European, in my opinion.

What will the future bring?

It is of course difficult to tell what the future brings. But when it comes to the people from Ukraine, they will for sure and unfortunately, have a very hard times ahead.

Thats also one of the reasons why, we all should help the people of Ukraine in anyway possible.

It of course dont need to be via the link above, it can be done in many ways, fx. by give food and shelter, warm clothes, medical care etc.

The most important thing is done something, also because it could be you and I that needed help! Dont let us forget that!



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