Another expense for entrepreneurs in Poland is here, like we did not already have a lot of expenses also because of the record high inflation.

But according to the judgments of the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, hoteliers will have to pay fees for an RTV subscription for each TV set in the building enabling the reception of programs.

RTV expense for entrepreneurs

The current provisions of the Act of 2005 on subscription fees require the payment of a subscription for the use of RTV; in 2023 the fee was calculated at PLN 27.30 per month. Accordingly, hoteliers, as parties to proceedings before administrative courts, were ordered to pay PLN 14,000. 

This is due to the fact that self-employed persons must register each used radio and TV set, and thus pay for their use. 

The very operation of the devices and the ability to receive programs were to be confirmed by the protocol drawn up by the controllers, but also by the information on the hotel’s website – the “three-star” category of the facility was to state that TV sets enable immediate reception of programs. 

Penalty of up to 30 times the one-time fee

Failure to pay the subscription on time may result in a penalty of up to 30 times the one-time fee. In the event of ineffective expiry of the debt repayment deadline, the enforcement of the obligation may be performed from the debtor’s bank account. 

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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