Does your Polish firm employ refugees from Ukraine? Then you have new responsibilities

As of Friday last week, the form of the notification of employment of a Ukrainian citizen who came to Poland after February 24 in connection with the Russian invasion of the territory of that country has changed.

Such work will be considered legal in Poland if it takes place on conditions not worse than those reported by entrepreneurs in the notifications they must send to the portal, within 14 days from the commencement of such employment.

Remuneration of a refugee from Ukraine

As Mateusz Rzemek explains in “Rzeczpospolita”, this means that if the entrepreneur specifies in the notification the remuneration of a refugee from Ukraine at the level of PLN 4,000. PLN for full-time work, he cannot now pay him less or assign less working hours.

If the entrepreneur does not submit a new notification after the amendments, such employment below the previously specified minimums may be considered illegal employment of a foreigner, for which the entrepreneur may face up to 30,000 jobs. PLN fine.

In addition, entrepreneurs will have to provide statistical data on the number of remaining employees, employed under an employment contract and under civil law contracts as of February 23, 2022 and the date of submission of the notification.

Only of a statistical nature

According to the legislator’s assurances, the submission of this information is to be only of a statistical nature. The data reported by entrepreneurs will, however, be sent to the Central Statistical Office. Everything indicates so far that penalties from the provisions on official statistics will not apply.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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