A sharp increase in revenues from the export of Polish food. Most of the products goes to other EU countries

30.3 billion EUR (140 billion PLN) was the value of Polish agri-food exports in the first eight months of 2022. It was nearly 27 percent higher than last year – informed the National Centre for Agricultural Support (KOWR).

– Such a dynamic increase in revenues obtained from exports by the domestic agri-food industry is the result of high transaction prices obtained in exports and disruptions in international supply chains. The tendency to depreciate the zloty, especially against the euro and the US dollar, which is a factor supporting the price competitiveness of Polish food on the international market, is also of great importance , explained Marcin Wroński, Deputy Director of KOWR.

Polish food exports mainly to the EU

Domestic entrepreneurs sold agri-food products mainly to the European Union market. Food exports to the EU-27 countries were 30 percent higher than in the previous year, its value amounted to EUR 22.4 billion. It was over 74 percent of the total revenues obtained from the export of agri-food products.

Germany remained Poland’s main trading partner. Exports to this country amounted to EUR 7.5 billion, by 26 percent more than a year ago. Important recipients of Polish agri-food products were also: the Netherlands (EUR 2.1 billion, increase by 45%), France (EUR 1.9 billion, increase by 32%), Italy (EUR 1.5 billion, increase by 16%) and the Czech Republic (EUR 1.3 billion, an increase of 32%).

To non-EU countries in the first eight months of this year food worth 7.8 billion euros was exported from Poland, by 19 percent higher than in the comparable period last year. The largest non-EU recipients of agri-food products were Great Britain (revenues at EUR 2.4 billion, an increase by 28%), Ukraine (EUR 615 million), and Saudi Arabia (EUR 339 million, a decrease by 11%). Food exports to Russia amounted to EUR 337 million and was up 20 percent less than last year.

– Despite the noticeable tendency to increase the demand for food in Poland caused by the influx of Ukrainian citizens, the growth rate of domestic consumption is still lower than the growth of agri-food production, which allows for the management of surpluses through exports. Due to the wide assortment offer and a very good price-quality ratio of food products sold abroad, it is possible to diversify business relations not only in EU countries, but also in non-EU markets – commented Wroński.

From January to August this year the main goods exported to the EU were poultry (EUR 2.1 billion), cigarettes (EUR 1.9 billion), dairy products (EUR 1.8 billion), beef (EUR 1.2 billion) and bread and bakery products ( EUR 1.1 billion). On the other hand, mainly dairy products, poultry meat, wheat, chocolate products, bread and bakery products were exported to non-EU countries.

Agri-food sector important for the Polish economy

– The export results confirm the growing importance of the agri-food sector in the domestic trade balance. The share of food exports in total Polish exports in the first eight months of 2022 reached 13.7%. against 13.1 percent a year ago. Nearly 24 percent are also happy. an increase in the positive balance of trade in agri-food products, which amounted to EUR 10 billion (PLN 46 billion) – summarised director Wroński

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