All air traffic controllers demands regarding safety procedures accepted

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAŻP), is striving to improve safety procedures, accepted and agreed to implement all the demands submitted by the Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers – said the spokeswoman for PANSA on Wednesday evening.

Air traffic controllers’ demands accepted

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency announced on Wednesday that the controllers’ demands were accepted and their implementation was agreed.

“For two weeks they have been gradually implemented, and at the same time the current PANSA Management Board is analysing the possibility of introducing further, positive changes in this area”, say the Agency’s announcement.

Moreover, it was emphasised that the decision complies “with the principle of continuous improvement of safety procedures and operational practices in force in aviation” and therefore PANSA “implements 24 postulates formulated by the Air Traffic Controllers Trade Union”.

PANSA: It is primarily about safety

“In recent weeks, we have been operating in a special situation, but regardless of that, all of us in the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency care primarily about air traffic safety. Therefore, as soon as there were specific demands for actions that could improve our activities in the field of security, we accepted them and implemented them, ” said PANSA president Anita Oleksiak , quoted in the information .

The statement recalled that PANSA is obliged to comply with the standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the European Commission, and is also supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

“Proceeding in compliance, and in certain areas, exceeding the standards established by these organisations is a task adopted by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency” – it was written.

“Therefore, the PANSA management, operating in the new composition, began to immediately implement the postulates concerning, inter alia, limiting one-man manning, verifying the so-called sector capacities, determining how many airplanes controllers have to handle at once or restoring the full crew of Senior Controllers also at night” – summarised.

For several weeks, PANSA management has been negotiating with representatives of the Air Traffic Controllers Trade Union (ZZ KRL). safety, work regulations and remuneration regulations. Another round of talks took place on Wednesday.

All flights is not confirmed back yet

Still we have not heard from the second part in the conflict, the air traffic controllers so it is not officiel that all the flights are back but the hopes are very high after the information came out from PANSA. More information regarding the flights will be brought here on news.bizinpoland as soon as possible.

Source: Gazetaprawna


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