Air traffic conflict in Warsaw can be over in a few days if it goes as planned

Maybe the air traffic conflict in Warsaw can be solved in a few days and maybe before the long May weekend, if we are lucky. Yesterday evening there was a statement saying that all the air controllers’ demands regarding safety were met.

Talks between the controllers and the headquarters of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency are still underway because there is still the salary question. But the messages coming from both the Agency and the controllers’ union give hope for an agreement in the next few days. 

Discussion about ending the Air traffic conflict

“The employer presented two proposals for an agreement with the social side. (…) Today, work on the submitted proposals will continue until late in the evening. The parties are striving to agree on a common position on Thursday, “reads a joint statement from both parties, announced on Twitter by Anna Garwolińska from the trade union of inspectors.

The next talks are scheduled for this Thursday morning at 9 am and Business news from Poland will of course as always keep you updated about the development also in this air traffic conflict in Warsaw.

Cancellation of 2/3 of the planned flights

Disagreement with the controllers would be a very serious obstacle. After May 1, Warsaw Chopin and Modlin airports could handle a total of 90 connections a day, which would mean the cancellation of 2/3 of the planned flights. Flights from regional airports should run smoothly.

This is what Michał Kaczmarzyk, president of the Buzz airline , a subsidiary of the largest air carrier in Poland, Ryanair, which has its base in Modlin,  said about it in an interview with: directions we have had so far. It is difficult to estimate the losses that Ryanair will suffer at the moment. I think they will go into tens of millions of euros” he emphasised.

It is of course not “only” Ryanair but a lot of other airlines that will suffer as well and the same goes for a lot of companies and private people. So it is very important that there will be an agreement and soon than later!

Source: 300gospodarka


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