The largest private airline in Poland and the German giant want to cooperate. UOKiK received the application

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection received an application from the largest private airline in Poland, Enter Air, and the TUI holding company, which offers tourist services. The companies want to set up “an aircraft and crew leasing company that will offer its services to other airlines”.

The largest private airline in Poland

According to UOKiK , the Enter Air airline , which is the largest private airline in Poland, and the German giant, TUI Beteiligungs GmbH, have applied for concentration. “The intention of concentration is to create a joint undertaking by Enter Air sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw and TUI Beteiligungs GmbH with its registered office in Hanover, which constitutes a concentration described in Article 13(2)(3) of the Act of February 16, 2007. on competition and consumer proteTransportction. The seat of the joint venture is to be located outside Poland.

According to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the new company will provide commercial customers with aircraft rental services and/or charter flights.

Is missing on the Polish market will be created

“We submitted an application to UOKiK, because this is the procedure for this type of project. We plan to create an aircraft leasing company with crews from TUI Fly, which will offer its services to other airlines. 

There are currently no such services on the market, and those that exist are very expensive and not very convenient to use If the project materialises, we plan that the new entity will provide aircraft rental services for TUI Fly and Enter Air in the first place, but we will also try to sell the service to other airlines in the world will depend on the interest of airlines” – said Grzegorz Polaniecki, CEO of Enter Air in an interview with

As the portal adds, the companies have signed a charter agreement on cooperation in the Summer 2023 and Winter 2023/2024 seasons. According to estimates, the value of the agreement is approx. PLN 718.3 million. The contract was concluded until April 30 next year. 

TUI Beteiligungs GmbH is a holding company that belongs to the TUI AG capital group. He runs a business in the tourist services sector in many countries, including Poland. The company offers tour operators, ocean cruises, travel agencies, air transport, accommodation and resident services at the holiday destination.

Source: Gazeta


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