The war did not scare investors. They spend more and more in Poland

Many experts feared that the outbreak of war in Ukraine would scare investors – and they would start to fear investing in Poland. However, this did not happen, and Polish start-ups attract global capital like a magnet, can be read in Polish newspaper.

Investors financing 1,2 billion PLN

According to the daily, in the first quarter of this year, young, innovative companies in our country obtained nearly 1.2 billion PLN  in financing. It’s about 150 percent. more than a year earlier and the best opening of the year in the history of the domestic venture capital market in Poland.

This means that the war in Ukraine – contrary to fears – has not significantly influenced investments in this sector yet. At least for now.

What’s next? “There are many real scenarios. The positive ones assume the relocation of Ukrainian start-ups and the supply of a programmers‘ base. The negative ones, on the other hand, may manifest themselves in a reduction in the inflow of foreign capital “”  says Maciej Ćwikiewicz, president of PFR Ventures in Rzeczpospolita.

It is nice information when the economy in Poland is under pressure in some areas such as inflation, interest rates. But as you can see it is not all bad also Poland’s GDP should be in plus, lower than expected but still in a quite a big plus.

Want to invest in Poland?

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Source: Rzeczpospolita



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