A new obligation for entrepreneurs in Poland. ZUS: it must be fulfilled by 30 December

There is a new obligation for entrepreneurs in Poland or at least new for many. Until now, payers settling contributions for more than 5 people had to have a profile at PUE ZUS. After the changes, this obligation applies to all entrepreneurs – including small business owners, i.e. those employing up to 5 employees, and those who pay contributions only for themselves.

Contribution payers who do not have a profile at PUE ZUS must set it up by 30 December 2022. If they do not, ZUS will create such a profile for them.

How to set up an account at PUE ZUS?

A profile at PUE ZUS is always created for a natural person. You must be at least 13 years old to register and validate your profile.

Contribution payer – a natural person may set up a profile for himself or grant a power of attorney to another person (e.g. an accountant or an accounting office employee). Entrepreneurs who run business as a natural person will be automatically assigned the role of a payer by the PUE ZUS account when the data in the assumed profile is the same as those provided in the contribution payer’s application (eg NIP, PESEL).

Contribution payer – a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality must act through statutory or statutory representatives, or grant a power of attorney to a natural person, e.g. its employee or an employee of an accounting office.

To create a profile at PUE ZUS also for entrepreneurs:

  1. Go to the website www.zus.pl and click the [Register in PUE] button (at the top of the page).
  2. Select for whom you are creating the profile – you can choose from registration: [For you], [For entrepreneurs] and [For companies]. The registration form differs slightly depending on your choice. After selecting the registration [For entrepreneurs], apart from personal data, also enter the NIP (tax identification number).
  3. Select the registration method:

– using methods from the login.gov.pl portal (trusted profile, e-ID, electronic banking),

– by means of a qualified electronic signature,

– via electronic banking of a bank that provides such a service together with ZUS (list of banks at www.zus.pl)

– fill in the registration form yourself.

  1. If you register using login.gov, qualified electronic signature and e-banking, some of the details on the registration form are filled in automatically. These methods also allow you to confirm your identity, so using them does not require a visit to the Social Insurance Institution.

 5. If you use the registration form and select the [REGISTER] button, fill in all mandatory fields. You must also confirm your identity at any ZUS office or during an e-visit within 7 days of registration. During the visit, you must have an identity document with you – ID card or passport.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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