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Sole proprietorship seems to be the way to go for more and more  IT specialists in Poland. The largest number of sole proprietorships in Polish IT operate in the software industry. Activities related to IT consulting are in second place.

Among other things, the pandemic and the resulting trend of remote work, which continues to persist, significantly contributed to the increase in the number of one-person companies operating in the IT sector.

According to the data from the National Court Register, collected by the Dun & Bradstreet business intelligence agency, this increase in comparison to 2021 and 2020 amounted to almost 18%. In the first quarter of 2022, the number of IT companies increased by another 5 percent. and at the end of March it amounted to 138.500

Sole proprietorship in software industry 

The largest number of sole proprietorships in Polish IT operate in the software industry, and for several years now it has been the most popular among all in this sector – they account for nearly 70 percent. of them. In turn, 18 percent. are activities related to IT consulting, 8 percent. services in the field of information and computer technology, and 5 percent. with IT device management.

“In Poland in 2021, there were over 91,000 IT companies related to software. Interestingly, their percentage, compared to 2020, increased by as much as 20%. And only in the first quarter of this year, more than 5 percent of them were added.

These numbers may result not only from the growing demand for software engineers, but also indicate that Polish programmers often provide services also to foreign entities. No wonder – they are well educated and committed to projects, so they are happy to hire them”, says Konrad Bromiński, Senior HR Manager at Evolution, the company that analysed the data.

Mazowieckie voivodeship has the largest number

Among all one-person IT companies, according to the analysed data, the largest percentage is in the Mazowieckie voivodeship – they constitute 27.1%. Małopolskie (11.9%) came second, followed by Dolnośląskie (10.2%) and Śląskie (nearly 10%) third and fourth. The following positions were taken by Wielkopolskie (7.9%), Pomorskie (7%) and Łódzkie (5.4%). In the case of the remaining voivodeships, the percentage ranges from 3 to 1.4%. (Opole Voivodeship).

It is not only a matter to choose to have a b2b contract or not often it is a part of a IT companys strategy.

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