Air controllers' strike - EU may start cancelling flights over Poland tomorrow

Update 5.59 pm: if it happens it much likely will be from 1 of May.

On April 22, the Eurocontrol may decide on mass cancellations of flights over Poland! A possible decision will be made by Eurocontrol. This is the aftermath of a conflict between air traffic controllers working at Polish airports and the headquarters of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA).

Eurocontrol is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. It is an intergovernmental organisation whose purpose is to coordinate the cooperation of Member States and international organisations in order to ensure the safety of civil and military air navigation.

It has been suggested that the Polish millitary should take over instead but that has not been decided yet at least.

The decision can be made tomorrow at 10

If PANSA fails to reach an agreement with the controllers, and therefore they leave their jobs – as they warn – this organisation may decide to cancel flights over Poland. The decision can be made tomorrow at 10.00.

It is not only about domestic flights, but also flights from other parts of Europe, especially in the north-south system – said Piotr Samson, president of the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC), at the meeting of the standing subcommittee for air transport.

Eurocontrol cannot wait any longer ,” said Piotr Samson in a parliamentary committee.

He added that this organisation had the power to decide that some areas of the airspace over Poland would be transferred to the supervision of other air traffic agencies. The point is that, since Poland will not have a sufficient number of controllers, it will be necessary to drastically reduce the number of flights operated in order to avoid any lowering of safety standards.

Big problem for travellers

It will of course have a use impact also for business travellers so I will follow this closely and update you here and on Biz in Polands sociale profiles. You find the link to the tight in the side bar.

Source: 300gospodarka 

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