Żabka will be state-owned? Obajtek responds to Kaczyński's announcement

Is Żabka going to go into the hands of the state? Such sensational news was given by Jarosław Kaczyński during the conference in Puławy. The president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, was asked about the matter.

During the meeting in Puławy, President of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński surprised with a declaration that the state could take over the Żabka chain of stores. The head of PiS emphasised that among the tasks that the current team had set itself was to “recapture the most strategic parts of our economy from the hands of external capital”. The head of the ruling party assessed that “it was largely successful”.

– And this is still progressing, even if at the moment it is probably already decided that the electric networks of railway lines are a large enterprise, they also have a large electricity transmission network that will be bought back in a very short time. Just from one of the American funds. And the same fund owns Żabka. You know what Żabka is. These stores may also be bought back – said Kaczyński. “We’re going in this direction,” he added.

Żabka comments on the news

The American fund mentioned by Jarosław Kaczyński is CVC Capital Partners. He took over the network in 2017 from the Mid Europa Partners fund. Currently, there are over 8,000 chain outlets all over Poland. The interested parties, i.e. Żabka’s press office, commented on the statements of the PiS president. – The reported statement does not refer to any specific trial with our participation, so we have no grounds for commenting – emphasised the network’s press office in response to a question from TVN24.

In the hands of Orlen? Daniel Obajtek replies

Due to the high investment activity, as well as the development of its own chain of stores, Orlen in Ruch, suspicions fell on the possibility of involvement in the acquisition of Żabka by the PKN Orlen chain. Daniel Obajtek, CEO of the concern, was asked about the possible acquisition on 13 October. – We are not working on the acquisition of the Żabka network – Obajtek told journalists in Szczecin, where a conference was held on investments in a shipyard necessary to invest in wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Source: Wprost


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