Nano-stores, showrooms and circular stores are opening in Poland

Nano-stores, showrooms and circular stores are opening in Poland. The volume of commercial space commissioned for use in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 30.600 ssquare metres.

Its total resources in Poland have already exceeded 12.4 million square metres, according to data from Colliers and the developers are planning to deliver another 350,000 sq m this year. square metres.

The new investments will mainly take the form of small retail parks with a daily shopping profile. But among the 30,000 metres delivered, some will also be designated for less typical retail outlets and retail sales.

Increase in leasing activity in Poland

“In the first quarter of 2022, we observed an increase in leasing activity on the part of large and medium-sized entities, including from the food, discount, fashion and leisure sectors. Innovative concepts are also being created”, indicates Katarzyna Michnikowska, the director of consulting and market research at Colliers.

As an example, she mentions, for example, Żabka Nano in large-format stores, InPost parcel lockers in Żabka stores, circular store, Homla showroom or TOP & POP Inmedio.

In addition, developers are planning to commission another 350,000 sq m this year. square metres of retail space – located mainly in small retail parks with a daily shopping profile. It is this type of location that gained popularity during the pandemic.

Colliers is a real estate investment advisory and management company.

The beginning of the new shopping future

This development is just the start in Poland. If you look at other countries where most shopping now is online, you will see a lot of empty stores that are becoming showrooms etc instead.

That is fx. more and more the case in Denmark in the smaller cities. 

Consulting regarding the Danish market?

Apropos Denmark, Biz in Poland owned by me (Søren Christensen) also offers consulting regarding the Danish market incl. When it comes to IT projects in/with Denmark.

I am originally from Denmark myself and have worked many years in the IT sector. Contact me at or/and read more on my website.

Source: Partly 300gospodarka

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