The Polish government is pouring money. New programs are planned, but 500 plus without indexation

The government is to put more emphasis on supporting parents of children up to three years of age and on housing policy and keeps pouring money. Marlena Maląg announced an amendment to the Labour Code, including, inter alia, elimination of junk contracts and extension of holidays. There is no need to count on the indexation of 500 plus, or rather “383 Plus”.

It’s no secret that the 500 Plus benefit has depreciated. Due to inflation, today it is really only “383 plus. The calculations show that for 500 plus you can buy the same amount as in April 2016, when the program was launched, the benefit should be PLN 652.

 It has been said for months that the amount should be adjusted. However, this is not mentioned in the draft budget for 2023. The government, however, anticipates other surprises. 

500 plus still without indexation

The minister of family and social policy on the possible valorization of 500 plus spoke, inter alia, on Radio Zet.  – The pro-family policy is primarily a response to the needs of parents, it must be systematic and comprehensive. (…) In this difficult time in which we live – after the pandemic, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, if we look at the types of support that parents can count on for 18 years while raising a child (…), it is the amount of PLN 120 thousand. PLN – she replied.

– Today we have to take actions that will lead to an exit from the low fertility trap. That is why we are introducing additional support for parents. (…) At the moment we do not anticipate indexation [500 plus benefits – ed.]. Anyway, the state budget is already known. But we support families all the time, also through new programs – added Marlena Maląg.

The Polish government is pouring money

Marlena Maląg in an interview with “Fakt” said that the government would put more emphasis on supporting parents of children up to three years of age and on housing policy. – This is to help, among others, an amendment to the Labour Code , on which the government has been working on for months.

 It assumes, inter alia, the extension of parental leave from 32 weeks to 41 weeks, of which nine weeks will be available only to fathers. There is a chance that the changes will be introduced from January 1, 2023 at the earliest, the newspaper reported.

The minister of the family also spoke about the liquidation of the so-called junk contracts. – Young people need a stable job to make decisions about starting a family, and to have their first and subsequent children. We will strive to eliminate the mandate contracts – she informed the public.

 – Ozusowanie contracts of mandates is expected, above all, by the social side, because it gives stabilisation. The bill is ready, we are still analysing when we are going to proceed with it, a longer vacation legislation will probably apply – added Maląg.

Source: Gazeta


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