How high will the minimum wage in Poland be in 2023? The government will make an important decision

How high will the minimum wage in Poland be in 2023? On Tuesday, the Council of Ministers will make the final decision on how high the minimum wage will be in 2023.

At the Tuesday meeting of the government, the minister of the family, Marlena Maląg, is to present the new rates for approval. According to the newspaper’s sources, the rates are to be higher than the last proposal, which was PLN 3,383 from January and PLN 3,450 from July. Now the rates are to be PLN 3,450 from January and PLN 3,500 from July next year.

Minimum wage in Poland – Two raises

Let us recall that due to high inflation, the minimum wage will double next year (this happens when the forecast inflation during the year exceeds 5%). The Council of Ministers has until September 15 to make the final decision on the amount of the increases, which means that it has to be taken next Tuesday, because it will be the last government meeting before the end of the deadline.

More money

Before the last parliamentary elections, the leader of the ruling party promised that in 2023 the minimum wage would increase to PLN 4,000 gross. The promise was part of the so-called Jarosław Kaczyński’s hat trick, because at the same convention there were announcements that the payment of two PLN 13 for pensioners and an increase in the level of EU subsidies per hectare were made.

According to what the government spokesman said at the end of July, the minimum wage in this amount would apply from 2024, while in 2023 arrangements would be made on this issue. So, is the national lowest of PLN 4,000 in 2024 possible?

How this and other spendings by the Polish government will affect the economy and more specific the inflation only time will tell.

– The discussion on the minimum wage in 2024 will take place in exactly one year. We will see what the situation will look like, said government spokesman Piotr Müller.

Source: Wprost


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