Tax offices in Poland will target online sellers on the Polish market

From next year, online platforms will have to submit special reports. There are fears that the new regulations will hit ordinary Poles who trade online, “Rzeczpospolita” wrote on Friday.

Will target online sellers on the Polish market

New obligations will fall on digital services dealing with trade in Poland (but also in the entire EU). Currently, work on the preparation of the law is underway (its content is to be known in September), but this one is already evoking a lot of emotions.

What information is the tax office supposed to receive? “This will be information about users of not only popular sales platforms, such as Allegro, Vinted, OLX or Amazon. According to the assumptions, reporting will cover both the sale of goods and the rental of real estate or parking spaces, services provided personally, as well as the rental of a means of transport, e.g. cars “- we read.

“Sellers of goods, whose operator facilitated less than 30 transactions, and the total remuneration did not exceed EUR 2,000 in a calendar year, will be excluded from reporting” – adds the newspaper.

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Source: BusinessInsider


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