The Poland-Slovakia gas pipeline is now open. Annually it can transmit almost 6 billion metres of gas

The Poland-Slovakia gas pipeline, which is to enable gas transmission at the level of 5.7 billion cubic metres per year towards Poland and 4.7 billion metres towards Slovakia, has been opened.

Poland-Slovakia gas pipeline open today

The connection was launched by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the head of the Slovak government, Eduard Heger.

– Today we are opening a gas pipeline to Slovakia (…). It is not only Poland-Slovakia, it is a gas pipeline that creates prospects for supplying our region with gas from virtually all directions of the world – said Morawiecki during the launch of the gas pipeline.

He clarified that the gas pipeline offers the possibility of connecting to Italy and the possibility of transporting Algerian gas to Italy and further north, or from Qatar and through the southern terminals and pipeline system to Slovakia and Poland, if necessary. He also pointed to the possibility of transporting gas from the north, e.g. from Norway or from other directions.

Morawiecki recalled that the gas price has reached “a historic record of over EUR 310 per MWh” today.

– The medium-term contracts signed with the United States today give us the opportunity to obtain gas at a slightly lower price, as we signed these contracts two or three years ago – the prime minister also pointed out.

The constructed transmission infrastructure connected the gas hub in Strachocina in Poland with the Veľké Kapušany (Wielkie Kapuszany) compressor station in Slovakia. The Poland-Slovakia gas pipeline is an element of the North-South gas corridor and is one of the key energy investments in the region, which is to strengthen the raw material security of Poland and Slovakia. The gas interconnector is 61.3 km long on the Polish side and 106 km on the Slovak side.

So gas from Russia wont be needed

The gas pipeline is to enable the transmission of gas at the level of 5.7 bcm per year towards Poland and 4.7 bcm towards Slovakia. The connection is to secure gas supplies in crisis situations and enable gas exports from Poland based on supplies from the LNG terminal in Świnoujście.

Thanks to the new connection, Poland is also to gain infrastructure access to further gas sources independent of Russia, located in southern Europe (via the local LNG terminals), North Africa and the Caucasus.

Source: 300gospodarka


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