Allegro has today launched, its English-speaking service, allowing EU customers and sellers to access one of the ten largest e-commerce sites in the world. 

The new website address, which is intended for the European market –, is as mentioned already active.The new website address, which is intended for the European market –, is as mentioned already active.

Customers within the EU

Customers within the EU can search and buy goods on the Polish e-commerce giant Allegro in English and pay in euros, and Allegro, through its partners, will support sellers in handling both international deliveries and payments. 

Polish and foreign sellers can offer their products to EU recipients in English. Allegro will take care of the translations of the offers and provide the necessary support for both parties to the transaction, including before, during and after the purchase.

Allegro emphasises that the new functionality is an important step in the international expansion of Allegro, which, together with the planned purchase of the Mall Group, is to strengthen the European position of the platform.

The English-language website gives customers in the EU access to over 60 million offers, the sale and delivery of which is supported by modern Allegro technological solutions.

“International expansion is one of our priorities and we are taking another big step in this direction” says the president of Allegro, Francois Nuyts.

He adds that while work is underway on the planned integration with the Mall Group, the second pillar of Allegro’s presence in Europe is being strengthened, expanding access to millions of offers for customers and sellers from the EU.

“Thanks to Allegro, European consumers will benefit from a wide selection of products as well as convenient deliveries, and sellers gain the opportunity to expand the group of potential customers in this way” adds the president of Allegro.

Customers can use international settings on, and additionally a website in the domain has been launched especially for international offers.

The platform will support deliveries and as mentioned be able tohandle payments in euro.

A reply to Amazon going into Poland

One of the main reasons for Allegro to expand into rest of EU is undoubtedly Amazon that besides being in USA, Germany and UK also recently went into Poland and has its webshop on


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