PiS millionaires. People related to the government earned a total of PLN 267 million. Who got the most?

Reports from 19 listed companies with the Treasury shareholder that in 2016-2021 as many as 122 people associated with the government camp earned a total of PLN 267 million in them, and 66 people became millionaires. The list of earnings of people from PiS ‘s surroundings was presented on Tuesday by Wirtualna Polska .

“Millionaires of Good Change”

At the top of the list is Michał Krupiński, former president of PZU and Pekao SA and former head of the supervisory board of Alior Bank , “a longtime friend of the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro” – writes the website. The economist was appointed in February 2021 to the supervisory board of Gemini Polska. In 2016-2021, the economist earned a total of PLN 13.314 million.

Maciej Rapkiewicz, a former member of the supervisory board of Alior Bank, and a member of the management board of PZU from March 2016, was in second place . He was also a board member of the Sobieski Institute Foundation, which has been cooperating with PiS for years . During this period, he earned PLN 9.399 million.

Third place on the list is occupied by attorney Bartłomiej Litwińczuk, director in the PZU group, appointed in June 2020 to the position of a supervisory board member of the Azoty group . As we read, he represented Zbigniew Ziobro in cases brought, among others, by weeklies “Polityka”, “Newsweek” and “Przegląd”. He was the representative of the former assistant to Ziobro in the case against Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski, the minister of justice in  the government of the Civic Platform. In the years 2016-2021, the Lithuanian earned PLN 9.294 million.

The following names appeared on the next positions on the list of “Good Change millionaires”:

  • Piotr Woźniak – earned PLN 8.922 million;
  • Aleksandra Agatowska – earned PLN 8.613 million;
  • Mieczysław Król – earned PLN 7.630 million;
  • Maks Kraczkowski – earned PLN 7.420 million;
  • Małgorzata Sadurska – earned PLN 6.954 million;
  • Zbigniew Leszczyński – earned PLN 6.773 million;
  • Wojciech Wardacki – earned PLN 6.681 million.

Of course, there are many more millionaires. The list could not miss, among others, Orlen president Daniel Obajtek, who earned a total of PLN 5.803 million. From March 2018, Obajtek was the head of the Energa company , which paid him PLN 1.160 million, of which PLN 366 thousand. after leaving work in 2019. In Orlen from 2019 to the end of 2021, he earned PLN 4.643 million. The full list of millionaires has been published by Wirtualna Polska

Kaczyński: One does not go to politics for money

Meanwhile, PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski assured that “you don’t go to politics for money”. – There was a question of the candidacy of those who at the same time have high salaries in state-owned companies. And a decision was made in line with what I have said so far – said Kaczyński in 2018, quoted by ” Gazeta Wyborcza “. – You don’t go to politics for money. Those who are in the companies are respected by us, but they will not run.

Source: Gazeta




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