Almost 3000 Zloty bonus with a business account in Poland

Free business accounts and an additional bonus of nearly PLN 3,000? It’s possible – banks encourage the opening of accounts and offer reimbursement of fuel expenses. We checked what cash bonuses entrepreneurs can count on when setting up a company account. 

Banks tempt entrepreneurs with bonuses on business accounts of up to PLN 2,750. In total, there were seven institutions in the ranking, including two with identical parameters in second place. Bonuses for people running a business range from 350 to 2750 PLN. 

Comparison of business accounts with the bonus – August 2022
No. Name of the bank Account name Driving Fee The sum of the bonuses
1. Alior Bank iKonto Biznes with the following promotions: “PLN 1500 for companies”, “PLN 350 for start” and “Business in the plus, prices in the minus” PLN 0 PLN 2 750
2. Bank Millennium My Biznes Account in the “Get up to PLN 2,000 with Konto My Biznes” promotion PLN 0 PLN 2,000
Bank Pekao Konto Przekorzystne Biznes in the promotion “PLN 2,000 bonus for companies and PLN 0 for the account and card for 2 years” PLN 0 PLN 2,000
3. Credit Agricole “Business Account for PLN 0 with BONUS up to PLN 1700 II” PLN 0 PLN 1,700
4. Santander Bank Polska Recommendable Company Account in the “Promotion Worth Recommendation II” PLN 0 PLN 1,400
5. Nest Bank BIZnest Account PLN 0 700 PLN
6. mBank Promotion “Open a company with mBank” with mBiznes Standard account PLN 0 PLN 350
Source: own study based on information provided by banks, as of 10/08/2022 financial product comparison websites

When preparing the ranking, we only considered offers with cash bonuses that the entrepreneur can receive directly to the bank account for performing the activities specified in the regulations of individual promotions. 

Alior Bank with PLN 2,750 bonus for entrepreneurs

For the second month in a row, the first place in the ranking of premium business accounts is occupied by free iKonto Biznes offered by Alior Bank . Business people who decide to open an account from a bank can count on an additional bonus of up to PLN 2,750. Alior Bank encourages entrepreneurs with three promotions.

The first of the offers is the “PLN 350 to start” promotion  . A business customer can receive PLN 350 for opening a business account via the website from June 15 to August 31, 2022. The condition for collecting the bonus is to ensure, within 60 days from the conclusion of the contract, inflows for the amount of PLN 500.

The second proposal is the “1500 PLN for companies” promotion, which has been known for several years. Alior Bank gives bonuses for performing specific activities on a company account for six months. Within a month, the entrepreneur can collect PLN 125, the sum consists of smaller amounts for:

  • making the first transfer in a month to ZUS (minimum PLN 500) or to the Tax Office (minimum PLN 500) –  PLN 20 ,
  • card transactions for the amount of min. PLN 2,000 per month –  PLN 25 ,
  • maintaining the average monthly balance between 10 and 50 thousand PLN –  5 PLN ,
  • maintaining the average monthly balance between 50 and 100 thousand. PLN –  10 PLN ,
  • maintaining the average monthly balance above 100 thousand. PLN –  20 PLN ,
  • making the first SEPA transfer in the month (at least EUR 100) –  PLN 10 ,
  • execution of min. three foreign transfers or in a foreign currency in the country – PLN 15 ,
  • using the cash register offer (if the company account receives a bonus transfer from PCKF in the amount of PLN 100) –  PLN 10 ,
  • currency exchange or currency conversion, min. PLN 5,000 units of foreign currency (without the participation of PLN) – PLN 25  

The third promotion at Alior Bank is “Business in the plus, prices in the minus”. As part of the offer, iKonto Biznes account holders can receive up to PLN 900 for purchases at petrol stations when paying with a Mastercard with Plus debit card. The condition for receiving the bonus is to make at least one transfer to the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office per month and non-cash transactions for the amount of at least PLN 500 per month. The “Business in plus, prices in minus” promotion lasts until December 31, 2022 .

PLN 2,000 from Bank Pekao and Millennium

In the August ranking, two banks again appeared in second place, which, after fulfilling certain activities by customers, offered a cash bonus of up to PLN 2,000. 

Bank Pekao  rewards people who run their own business and have  Konto Przekorzystne Biznes. In the promotion  “PLN 2,000 bonuses for companies and PLN 0 for an account and card for 2 years’ ‘ . The bank rewards setting up a business with an account via an online application – PLN 200.

Another PLN 200 can be obtained after meeting the conditions of active use of the account. In addition, a business client can obtain PLN 600 for  concluding the first loan agreement, loan with a guarantee, leasing or factoring.

The second PLN 600 is due as a refund (max. 3%)  on the total value of monthly non-cash transactions with a debit card or application (monthly). Additionally, Pekao awards  PLN 400 for concluding a payment terminal agreement. 

The promotion “PLN 2,000 bonus for companies and PLN 0 for an account and card for 2 years” at Bank Pekao is valid until August 31, 2022 .

Bank Millennium in the “Profit up to PLN 2,000 with Konto Mój Biznes” promotion  encourages potential customers to set up an My Biznes Account with cash bonuses for concluding a payment terminal agreement (PLN 500 bonus) and a leasing agreement (PLN 500 bonus).

Additionally, entrepreneurs can receive up to 500 PLN reimbursement of money paid for ZUS contributions (5% for 5 months, up to PLN 100 / month) and another PLN 500 reimbursement for fuel expenses (5% for 5 months , maximum PLN 100 / month).

The “Get up to PLN 2,000 with My Biznes Account” promotion in Bank Millennium lasts until September 30, 2022.

Credit Agricole and a PLN 1700 bonus for companies

The Business Account from Credit Agricole was placed third in the ranking . Self-employed persons can use the account for free for 12 months. The bank rewards the following activities as part of the “Business Account + PREMIUM up to PLN 1700” promotion:

  • opening a company account in the application – PLN 100,
  • the first transfer to the account – PLN 100,
  • active use of the account and debit card (receipts at least PLN 3,000 and card payments at least PLN 300
  • monthly for 6 months) – PLN 500,
  • signing an agreement for a payment terminal (minimum PLN 500 monthly income) – PLN 500,
  • conclusion of a loan agreement (in the first 6 months) – PLN 500.

The “Business Account + BONUS up to PLN 1700” promotion is valid until December 31, 2022.

Source: Bankier


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