Drivers must be careful in Poland. Ticket up to nearly 7000 PLN

Failure to obtain a third party liability insurance policy may give you a ticket for up to 7,000 Zloty next year. This is the effect of increases in the minimum wage on which the penalty rates depend.

Higher minimum wage in Poland

According to the government draft, from January 2023 the minimum wage is to be PLN 3,383, which is PLN 373 more than the lowest salary this year. In July 2023, the minimum wage will be increased to PLN 3,450, which means an increase by PLN 440 compared to 2022.

The minimum hourly rate, the amount of which is related to the increase in the minimum wage, will also increase. From January 2023 it will amount to PLN 22.10, and from July PLN 22.50. The government estimates that the regulations will apply to 2.7 million people next year.

Minimum wage increases also have other consequences. Rzeczpospolita draws attention to one of them for drivers. The daily reminds us that the law on compulsory insurance makes the amount of fines for the lack of third party liability of drivers dependent on the minimum remuneration for work.

The aforementioned act indicates that in the event of an interruption of the continuity of civil liability insurance for more than two weeks, the driver of the car pays 200 percent of the lowest national fee, and 300 percent for a truck, bus or tractor unit. The basic penalty for motorcyclists is one third of the minimum remuneration for work” – It says.

Ticket can be 6.9 thousand PLN

From July 2023, drivers of passenger cars without third party liability insurance will face 6.9 thousand PLN ticket.

The fees for the insurance itself are also getting higher, especially for drivers who constantly break the rules. Recently, insurance companies have access to the register of offences of car owners. The first insurer has already raised the rates.

Source: Businessinsider


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