Polish car import: the worst July since Poland joined the European Union

In July, 62,766 used cars were imported to Poland from abroad, according to the data of the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute. It was the worst July for the industry since 2004, i.e. since Poland joined the European Union.

Polish car import is declining

Used car dealerships have not had an easy period lately. In the previous month, the number of registered cars amounted to 62,766 cars and fell by 23.9% annually, and compared to the results from July in recent years, it was the lowest result since Poland joined the European Union.

Passenger cars were registered in the vast majority – 57 630 to be exact, which is a lower result from July 2021 by nearly 25%. A slightly smaller decrease was recorded for delivery vehicles, because these were reported to the offices 5 136 and in annual terms it is less by 12.8%.

The authors of the report indicate that older cars are increasingly being downloaded from abroad. The average age in July 2022 was 12.87 years for all passenger cars, and for cars equipped with gasoline engines this average was 13.73 years. The average result improves the age of electric cars, in their case the average in July this year. amounted to 5.77 years, and in the case of delivery vehicles it was 7.35.

The data covering the previous months of 2022 show that from January to July this year. A total of 424 787 units were imported and registered, which is a result worse than the corresponding period of 2021 by 16.2 percent. Most often, cars from our western neighbour come to Poland, as every second car comes from Germany.

The decline has hit everyone

Poor car registration results also affected the most popular models. Almost all of the top ten recorded a decline compared to the results from June this year. The only car that turned out to be positive in July was the Audi A6.

Import of used cars in July 2022 – the most popular models

Import of used cars in July 2022 - the most popular models

The same models as last month were on the podium – Opel Astra, Audi A 4 and Volkswagen Golf. The smallest drop was recorded by the leader of the ranking, followed by the Audi A3, which differs from the June result by only 23 items in minus.

The Volkswagen polo was out of the top ten, and in June this year. It took sixth place, recording an increase in registration at the level of almost 60%, and in July it fell to the 11th place, as offices received 56.2%. fewer submissions for this model.

Source: Bankier


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