Credit holidays also for sole proprietorships in Poland

A person who runs a small business (there are two million sole proprietorships in Poland) and has registered it in an apartment on credit, can take a loan vacation. Such a decision was issued by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – writes “Rzeczpospolita”.

According to Rzeczpospolita, the UOKiK and the financial spokesman were asked by journalists whether consumers can take advantage of credit holidays, if they also have registered business activity in their flat burdened with loans.

Also with sole proprietorships

The newspaper writes that the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection decided that self-employed consumers are entitled to credit holidays if a given person took out a mortgage for their own housing needs as a consumer. How you earn – has no influence.

“However, the right to credit holidays is not affected by whether the borrower also runs or runs a sole proprietorship. It is important that the loan is taken as a consumer and that it is intended for his or hers own housing needs” – writes UOKiK in a study sent to Rzeczpospolita.

Loan repayment may be suspended

From Friday, bank customers can submit applications for credit holidays, i.e. the possibility of suspending mortgage repayment for a maximum of 8 months this and next year. Loan repayment may be suspended for two months in the third and two months in the fourth quarter of 2022 and one month in each quarter of 2023. This applies to people who took out a loan in PLN for their own housing purpose.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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