Żabka withdraws a batch of baguettes. Tomcio Paluch with bacteria.

Żabka announced the withdrawal of a batch of Tomcio Paluch grill baguettes. The product is contaminated with bacteria. The retail chain warns against eating it.

The announcement about Tomasz Paluch was published by Żabka itself. The problem has not yet been noticed by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, which usually informs about such matters in consultation with sellers. However, there is no information on this matter on  the Department of Health website 

Withdraws a batch of Tomcio Paluch baguettes

Żabka received information from the supplier about the possibility of the presence of Listeria Monocytogenes in the product: 12009349 GRILL BAGQUET TOMCIO PALUCH 230G. 

Therefore, the baguettes with the EAN code 8586015136252 and the use-by dates: 07/29/2022, 07/31/2022, 08/01/2022 were withdrawn. This is the time limit beyond which you should not consume the product, because it may cause serious health problems.

Although the information relates to out-of-date baguettes, we continue to provide it so that people who have eaten it in recent days and feel unwell can identify the problem and the bacteria that is causing health problems. Especially that its incubation period may be from several to even several weeks.

“We appeal to all customers who purchased the above products not to consume them and throw away or return the purchased goods. The product may be dangerous to the health of the consumer . purchase price “- writes Żabka. 

What is the risk of Listeria Monocytogenes poisoning?

“The disease is characterised by a long incubation period lasting on average from 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes symptoms of the disease are visible 3 months after consumption of contaminated food. L. monocytogenes is isolated from meat and meat products (including fermented raw sausages), fish and fish products ( including cold-smoked salmon), seafood, milk and dairy products (mainly including soft cheeses made from raw milk), ice cream, raw vegetables and fruit (fresh, sliced, frozen).

Monocytogenes has the ability to multiply in food under refrigerated conditions. At 4 ° C, the growth of these microorganisms is much slower than at 37 ° C, but after 1-2 days the population size doubles. L. monocytogenes can also be found in food industry plants, inhabiting the surfaces of various materials and devices (bacterial biofilm). If biofilms are created, the complete elimination of L. monocytogenes from the production environment is extremely difficult, ”  the website of the National Centre for Food Education says.

Source: Gazeta


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