Limits on the purchase of sugar in Poland- in which stores are there restrictions? [LIST]

On Wednesday, Biedronka stores announced a sugar purchase limit. Netto also decided to take a similar step. Which stores have restrictions and which do not plan to restrict?

In some stores, the sugar shelves are empty. As the shop owners or Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza argue, there is no shortage of sugar, and the shortages result from increased demand and unjustified fear of a shortage of the product in the future. Transport between stores may also be a problem. More on this in the article below. 

The limit on the purchase of sugar

Biedronka introduced a sugar purchase limit from Wednesday, July 20. According to the rules, you can buy a maximum of 10 kilograms of this product per receipt. Biedronka’s corporate communications manager, Marcin Hadaj, claims that some customers buy “non-retail amounts of sugar” in stores due to bargain prices . The company’s data also shows that the buyers of such large quantities of products are mainly entrepreneurs. 

The net also introduced a limit from July 20 and it also applies to 10 kilograms per receipt. – Due to the much higher than usual demand for this raw material at this time of the year, temporary shortages of sugar can be observed in some of our stores.

We constantly replenish them, using central stocks, as well as increasing orders from producers in Poland, as well as establishing cooperation with foreign sugar suppliers – communicated PR Manager of the Netto network – Patrycja Kamińska to the portal

Aldi also introduced restrictions from July 20, but they are more restrictive. In the stores of this chain, one person can only buy five kilograms of sugar. – We are observing the tense global situation related to logistics, shortage of containers, or the lack of truck drivers and high freight rates. In addition, there are conditions related to war, weather and climate, which affect the difficulties in access to certain raw materials, but above all increase the prices of products – said Luiza Urbańska from Aldi Polska in an interview with Virtual Media. 

The limit on the purchase of sugar does not apply in some stores. Which networks have not been regulated?

Here you can still get it without restrictions

Part of the stores has no problem with the lack of sugar. These are Lidl, Żabka and Carrefour, which at the moment will not impose any limits on the purchase of this product. However, representatives of these chains point out that the demand for some products has increased recently.

– We deliver continuously to all our 800 stores. In some locations, in the case of selected products (e.g. salt, sugar), we notice a higher demand than usual – Aleksandra Roboszkiewicz, spokeswoman for Lidl, told Wirtualne Media.

Source: Gazeta


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