The Polish firm PGNiG increased gas production. It is a response to Russia's move

As you can read in a PGNiG announcement, in the first half of the year the company estimated its own production at 3.48 billion cubic metres, which is almost a half more than in the previous year. In the same period, gas imports amounted to 8.02 billion cubic metres, compared to 8.27 billion cubic metres. 3 billion cubic metres were imported from the eastern direction, i.e. almost 2 billion less than the year before.

The Polish company PGNiG extracts gas

PGNiG, apart from importing and distributing natural gas, also produces it. It exploits domestic deposits, incl. in Lubiatów and Dębno, and abroad, e.g. on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The Polish company recorded an increase in the production of Norwegian gas thanks to the acquisition of the licence from Ineos. Currently, the company has 62 concessions, and last year it recorded a threefold increase in the production of Norwegian gas.

Baltic Pipe is the key

The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline is to be a key element for the further development of the company’s operations in Norwegian fields. It will enable quick transport of both gas extracted by PGNiG and gas purchased under contracts with other companies exploiting the local fields.

On Thursday, GAZ-SYSTEM announced the completion of the construction of a key section of the pipeline. In July, the last welds connecting this gas pipeline with the Danish transmission network in Faxe in Denmark and with the Polish transmission system in Pogorzelica were made.

Until recently, Piotr Naimski, the former government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, assured that the construction of the gas pipeline was proceeding as planned and the first deliveries should be expected this fall.

Source: Wprost Photo: PGNiG HQ and from the firm


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