Carbon allowance for households in Poland. How do I apply? [GUIDE]

The carbon allowance is PLN 3,000, for which every household heated by solid fuels can apply. To obtain it, you must submit an application to the office in the city you live in. How to submit such an application? I will explain it 

The government is working on another bill to regulate the issue of the carbon allowance . The current plan, adopted at the meeting on July 19, provides that those entitled to the allowance will receive an allowance of PLN 3,000. In practice, however, funds will not have to be spent on  coal. The spokesman for the Ministry of Environment confirmed.

Who is entitled to the Carbon allowance ?

The money is to support households due to the necessity to purchase coal at the above prices . The allowance will be granted to households that indicated solid fuel as the main source of heating. It is a traditional coal stove, but also, for example, a goat, fireplace or air heater. The government does not envisage introducing an income criterion.   

RMF FM found the content of the application that will have to be completed in order to receive the said 3,000 carbon allowance. This conclusion essentially consists of two parts.  

How do I apply?

In the first part, the applicant is required to provide his basic personal data. To be completed in the appropriate fields: name, surname, citizenship and PESEL number . In the absence of a PESEL number, the number of the document confirming the identity is sufficient. In addition, you must provide the address of your place of residence . Optionally, the application also includes a space for entering a telephone number and e-mail address .  

In the form, the applicant must include the above-mentioned information on all household members and declare whether it is a single or multi-person household. If a multi-person household includes more than six members, another form should be added to the application, taking into account the personal data of all household members. In this section of the application, you should also choose what is the main source of household   heating .

Where to submit the application?

The application may also include a bank account number if the applicant declares that the payment of the carbon allowance is to be made by bank transfer.   

The second part of the application includes a statement confirming that the information provided is correct. A correctly completed application should be submitted to the commune head, mayor or president of the city in which the applicant applying for the allowance resides.   

We remind you that in order to receive a carbon allowance, you must enter your household into the Central Emission Register of Buildings

Source: Gazeta


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