There will be a Polish holiday revolution. 33 days off, but there are conditions

There seems to be a Polish holiday revolution around the corner. Two new types of leaves for employees are one of the most important changes to the Labour Code, which will be implemented soon. Thanks to them, for many employees, the annual amount of leave will even increase to more than 30 days. Parental leaves will also be extended. For employers, this may mean a small revolution and the need to change the organisation of work.

The government announced the amendment to the Labour Code in February, and its draft was submitted to the Sejm at the beginning of June. Changes are necessary to implement two EU directives. It is about the directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union and the so-called parental directive. Both directives must be implemented by August 2.

Care or “force majeure”

New leaves are a solution beneficial for the employee , although not necessarily in financial terms. They will be free or paid only 50%. The so-called Nursing leave is five days in a calendar year of unpaid leave granted at the request of an employee who must provide care for a child or other family member for serious medical reasons.

The amended Labour Code will also include “force majeure” days off in urgent family matters. They may refer to situations where the immediate presence of an employee is necessary due to illness or accident. An employee could benefit from such a leave for two days (or 16 hours in a calendar year), and for each day he would be entitled to half the rate of remuneration.

The introduction of new leaves de facto increases the amount of annual leave to which each employee is entitled. For those employees who have worked for at least 10 years (26 vacation days per year), this means increasing the available vacation time to 33 days. For younger people (20 days of leave annually) – up to 27 days.

Parental leaves will be extended. Today it is 32 weeks for one child and 34 weeks for multiple pregnancies. After the changes, it will be 41 and 43 weeks, respectively.

Small Polish holiday revolution” for employers

More days off for employees is a big change for the employer. Especially in the case of parental leave, which may exclude an employee for more than two months longer than before. This may require reorganising the operation of the company, especially where work needs to be planned in advance.

“The amendment to the Labour Code will mean a small revolution for employers. Companies will have to consider a new work organisation, as employees will be extended parental leaves and given new rights. The problem may arise in large workplaces that have to organise work for many months in advance “- Dr. Katarzyna Kalata from the WSB University in Łódź told Newseria.

Source: BusinessInsider


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