Inflation is hitting Polish school cafeterias. From September, large increases in the price for food

Growing inflation will significantly translate into the expenses of parents of preschool and school children. According to the announcements of the directors of institutions, large increases in food prices should be expected from September.

Bad news for parents and guardians of preschool and school children. According to a survey conducted by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, directors of institutions are planning very high increases in the rate for meals starting from the new school year.

Lunch at school cafeterias up by more than 40 PLN

More expensive electricity and gas bills as well as rising food prices. These are the main reasons for the increases indicated by principals of kindergartens and schools, who were asked by “DGP” about plans for the beginning of the new school year.

Managers of both public and private institutions say that from September, parents and guardians should expect significant increases in the daily rate for food for their children. Monthly, these costs may increase by up to PLN 40.

– In the previous school year, the rate of food per person per day paid by the student was PLN 8. We had to raise it from September to PLN 11, otherwise we would not find a company delivering meals – says “DGP” Zbigniew Matuszak, director of primary school No. 9 in Wrocław.

Despite a very large increase, the three companies that entered the competition claimed that it would be a rate for which they would not fully cover the growing costs. The headmaster of the Wrocław school also said that he already had signals that some parents would not be able to cover such high costs and submitted applications to the Municipal Social Welfare Centres.

However, an increase from PLN 8 to PLN 11 per day is still not the worst-case scenario. Parents in other parts of the country could face even greater increases. DGP also cites the example of a school cafeteria in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, where the rate will increase from PLN 9 to PLN 14 per child.

The diet will be changed

Some directors also indicate that catering companies have signalled that certain groups of products, such as fish and vegetables, are becoming more expensive. The solution may be to arrange menus in such a way as to give up the most expensive elements. So the children will probably be served cheaper products.

Source: Wprost


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