Another major airport restricts flights. Can't cope with the number of passengers

Frankfurt airport, a major airport and actually one of the largest airports in Europe and the world, restricts flights to cope with the increased number of travellers. Earlier, another major airport, London Heathrow, had called to stop selling tickets.

The major aiport restricts flights

Frankfurt airport is managed by the German company Fraport. And it was it that decided to reduce the number of take-offs and landings at this airport from this week. The number of operations has been reduced from 96 to 88 take-offs and landings per hour.

This step was welcomed by the CEO of the German Lufthansa airlines, Jens Ritter. He admitted that airlines have recently cancelled flights to relieve the airport system.

– As the already increased ground handling capacity in Frankfurt is still insufficient due to the high rate of sick leave of employees, even with the flight schedule, which has already been reduced several times, the decision made by Fraport is right, said Ritter, quoted by BTN Europe.

Handled 5 million passengers in June

Frankfurt airport handled 5 million passengers in June. It was the busiest month since the start of the pandemic, and at the same time 181%. increase compared to June 2021. Nevertheless, the airport has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. Passenger traffic last month was still 24.1 percent. lower than in June 2019.

– This shows how strong the growth in demand for air travel is. We sincerely regret that passengers must experience such complications in times of peak traffic, admitted Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte.

As reported recently, the authorities of the London-Heathrow port called for the cessation of ticket sales at the airport. – We are asking our airline partners to stop selling holiday tickets in order to limit the inflow of passengers – wrote the airport general manager in an open letter.

European airports are struggling to cope with the surge in air travel following the coronavirus pandemic. There are not enough employees in the aviation sector. This results in massive flight cancellations and strikes at the airlines.

Problems were also encountered by the Warsaw Chopin Airport , where most flights are delayed by more than 15 minutes. There is a difficult situation in handling companies dealing with ground handling of aircraft – employees complain about overwork and lack of help from the company.

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