Wholesale fuel prices have plunged in Poland. But patience is needed

Wholesale fuel prices have plunged, so drivers are hoping to stop seeing shocking prices on distributors. However, they must be patient.

Fuel prices have been a headache for Polish drivers for a long time. Those who can afford it, give up driving (a recent study by ARC Rynek i Opinia shows that due to high gasoline prices, one in three Poles has reduced their car driving), for many it will not be easy due to the upcoming holiday season. Is there a chance for declines at this time?

Fuel prices incl. wholesale fuel prices – Will it be better?

The light in the tunnel seems to be the noticeably falling wholesale fuel prices. According to the e-petrol data provided by the Autokult.pl portal, on May 24, a cubic metre of 95 petrol had to be paid PLN 6,770, while a week earlier it was PLN 6,942, i.e. almost PLN 200 more. The prices of diesel oil are also falling. Wholesale for 1000 litres of diesel fuel you have to pay PLN 6,405, a week ago it was – PLN 6,625, and at the end of April – PLN 6,950.

Will reductions in wholesale fuel prices mean that drivers will finally see reasonable prices on distributors? Experts, unfortunately, cool down the optimism in this matter. – For now, I would not expect any revolution in retail prices. These changes are so slow that we will have to wait for a possible decline – says Dr. Jakub Bogucki, fuel market analyst at e-petrol.pl, in an interview with Autokult.pl.

Lower LPG price in Poland

“For now, the reduction has appeared in the price of LPG, but in the near future, fuel prices close to PLN 7.20 per litre or more will probably stay with us. The factors that pull oil up are strong. These are problems with the volume of production, with the war in Ukraine. Similar retail prices of gasoline and diesel oil look permanent for now , he adds.

Bogucki points out that the demand for gasoline will increase during the summer holidays, as more people will travel by passenger cars. It may change something in the price proportions, but – as the expert points out – “it is not certain”.

Source: Wprost


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