Several thousand Poles will for two years get money for nothing

The Association of Warmia and Mazury Borderland Communes plans to test the so-called unconditional income. For two years, these Poles will receive PLN 1,300 per month.

Unconditional basic income, or guaranteed income, is a benefit paid to every citizen in an equal amount. There are no conditions to be met to receive this type of support. Money is granted only for being a citizen of the country that undertakes the implementation of the described social program.

Various governments and research groups have been experimenting with this solution for years. The main assumption of this solution is to cover the basic needs of every human being. Such social benefits are also intended to provide equal opportunities for access to education and the development of children and young people from poor families.

The program states that all available resources are a common good, therefore all citizens belong to them, regardless of their position. However, the state does not dictate what exactly the money should be spent on. Everyone can choose the goal on their own – depending on their own or family’s needs.

Guaranteed income test for Poles

The website university , which is subordinate to the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, is writing about the plans to test this solution in Poland. “In May 2021, the German Institute for Economic Research launched an experiment in which 122 people receive 1,200 euros for 3 years. Catalonia will soon start a five-year program – 5,000 people will receive 700-900 euros and 300 euros for children for 24 months In Poland, howeve , the Association of Warmia and Mazury Borderland Communes is planning an experiment in northern communes located on the border with Russia” it says .

The experiment will last two years and will consist in paying out PLN 1,300 to a group of residents, who will be at least 5000, and a maximum of even 31000.

“This area does not perform well in terms of income, poverty, economic activity and unemployment. An intervention such as a pilot program of unconditional basic income could have a significant effect. border traffic in 2018 ” , explains Dr. Maciej Szlinder from AMU .

Sociologists will study a number of variables

“Sociologists will study a number of variables, including: economic, social, educational activity, welfare issues (consumption structure, income, savings, housing situation, wealth inequalities), well-being of residents (sense of life satisfaction, agency, insecurity, etc.) , changes in interpersonal relationships measured by the level of social trust and security (crime threat) “, it says.

The money will likely help many with the bills, especially this year with a very very high inflation in Poland.

Source: BusinessInsider


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