How many electric cars are there right now in Poland? Get the answer here

Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Today, they are registered as much as 44 percent. more than in the corresponding period of 2021.

46.500 electric cars are registered in Poland

Today, 46.500 are registered in Poland. cars with electric drive – results from the Electromobility Metre launched by PZPM and PSPA.

Fully electric vehicles accounted for 48 percent this part of the vehicle fleet with the remainder being plug-in hybrids, the study also found. There are also 721 electric buses in Poland.

The charging infrastructure is also developing. At the end of April 2022, there were 2,166 publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles in Poland. In April alone, 53 such new stations were launched.

According to the managing director of PSPA, Maciej Mazur, four years after the first edition of the “Electric Mobility Metre”, the number of passenger electric cars has increased almost eightfold, while the network of generally accessible charging stations has only tripled.

Expanding the numbers of chargers

Like in many countries there are plans on expanding the numbers of chargers for these types of cars in Poland and some big companies are involved in this work. As I wrote earlier in this article.

But it will with a doubt take many years before the number of electric cars will be the biggiest part of type of cars in Poland.

One of the reasons is most likely that you cant yet drive very long before you need to charge the car and as mentioned there are still not many places in Poland where you can charge your electric vehicle But both things will for sure change in the future.

Because many car brands are more and more focusing on electric cars instead of cars that drives on gasoline etc.

Source: BusinessInsider


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