Air traffic conflict in Poland - Primeminister: we have a backup plan

The air traffic conflict in Poland is still going on but the Polish Primeminister assures that they have a backup plan.

“I am counting on a compromise between the management and air traffic controllers. The Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, presented me with the backup plans,” emphasised Primeminister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Saturday press conference in Warsaw.

PM: backup plan not presented now

Primeminister Morawiecki informed that the government had prepared a backup plan in the event of failure of  talks with air traffic controllers and will introduce them “in due time”

Despite the absence of some of the controllers at work, flights from May 1 will be operated “without sudden disruptions”. Larger flight irregularities are expected at Chopin and Modlin airports

Millitary as a backup plan?

It has earlier been mentioned that the military might take over for a while. If that is part of the plan is unknown at this point.

The management of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAŻP) has been negotiating with representatives of the Air Traffic Controllers Trade Union for several days regarding safety, work regulations and remuneration regulations.

“I am always counting on a compromise. I am in constant contact with Minister Adamczyk. The minister is in constant contact with the management of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. Indeed, he also presented me with backup plans, if such an agreement is not reached” emphasised Morawiecki.

“The whole issue, these plans are primarily to ensure the safety of flights over the territory of the Republic of Poland and the largest possible number of these flights, so that the most vital interests would suffer as little as possible, i.e. military aid, i.e. the entire humanitarian and military aid movement”, assured Morawiecki.

He added that this is “a kind of cascade of actions aimed at preventing the safety of Poles, and on the other hand, that the largest possible part of air traffic in the territory of the Republic of Poland and over the territory of the Republic of Poland will be maintained” the Primeminister noted.

Cancelling flights: not at this point

Due to the ongoing talks of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency with air traffic controllers, on April 22 in other words the day before yesterday, a meeting was held between the President of the Civil Aviation Authority and PANSA (PAŻP) representatives with the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) regarding the possible launch of the massive cancellation procedure in Polish airspace, i.e. cancelling flight connections. At the moment, this procedure has not been launched

Greater flight irregularities are expected

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced in a statement on Friday.

“Together with Eurocontrol, it was established that, despite the reduced number of air traffic controllers, from May 1, flights from Polish regional airports and flights over Poland should take place without sudden disruptions”, indicated the CAA. He added that “greater flight irregularities are expected at Chopin and Modlin airports”.

Source: BusinessInsider


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