ZUS will launch a helpline in Ukrainian and interpreters in the ZUS offices

“On the basis of the special act, ZUS will launch a dedicated helpline in Ukrainian, translators using Ukrainian will be waiting at ZUS offices, as well as materials printed in this language” announced the president of the Social Insurance Institution, Prof. Gertruda Uścińska.

Due to the war in Ukraine, over a million citizens of this country have already entered Poland, seeking shelter from the effects of military operations. “Our borders remain open to these people. They are met with great, grassroots support and hospitality from Poles” – emphasised prof. Uścińska in a statement sent to PAP.

“We know that refugees are mainly women and children, hence the key issue will be solutions in the field of family policy provided for Ukrainian citizens” – she added.

Help in a simple, quick and safe manner

She pointed out that the proposed provisions contained in the special act will allow for the legalisation of stay on Polish territory of Ukrainian citizens who enter directly from this country from 24 February in a simple, quick and safe manner.

“The law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict in the territory of this state provides that if the refugee legally entered Poland from Ukraine after February 24 and declared his intention to remain in our territory, his/hers stay will be considered legal for a period of 18 months” – added prof. Uścińska.

Wide range of support from the Polish state

She indicated that thanks to this procedure of legalising the stay, refugees from Ukraine will gain immediate access to a wide range of support from the Polish state, in the form of emergency aid, the labour market, and social benefits and services – education, healthcare, family benefits.

Besides the help the Polish state incl. the helpline, a lot of Polish businesses are also helping Ukraine and that also includes Business news from Poland- part of Biz in Poland.

Source: PAP



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