PiS is withdrawing from the controversial law on companies

PiS withdraws a law project concerning, inter alia, establishing a council for strategic security, informed the party’s spokesman Radosław Fogiel. The reasons are supposed to be “constitutional doubts”. It was apparently Solidarna Polska that blocked the act.

Withdrawing from the controversial law

“After an in-depth analysis, it turned out that there are constitutional doubts and the project concerning, inter alia, the creation of a council for strategic security will not be processed” – PiS spokesman Radosław Fogiel told PAP on Wednesday.

– Analysis and public discussion that has been taking place since Tuesday on the PiS project concerning, inter alia, management of state-owned companies, prompted the party to withdraw the bill, said Jacek Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets, to journalists on Wednesday in the backstage of the Sejm.

When asked if he thought it was the right decision, Sasin said that this could be discussed because, as the deputy prime minister put it, “some form of stability in the management of strategic companies, and as such I consider companies ensuring Poland’s energy security, perhaps it would be it was useful, but as you can see, there is no atmosphere to discuss it at the moment “.

The PiS draft amendment to the acts: on the principles of state property management and on the principles of shaping the remuneration of people managing certain companies was submitted to the Sejm on Monday.

Let us recall that five companies: Orlen, PERN, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, Gaz-System and Polfa in Tarchomin were to be considered for this strategy. Their organisation was to be practically irrevocable for the next five years. The changes would have to be approved by the newly appointed Council. Such changes were envisaged by the withdrawn bill by PiS deputies.

The council was to consist of only five members : three elected by the Seym and one each by the Senate and the president.

As you can read in the explanatory memorandum to the draft, in view of the need to ensure the independence and stability of the functioning of the Supervisory Board, a six-year term of office was to be introduced for its members.

No remuneration was to be paid for participation in the work of the Council , but only the reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs. The service was to be provided by the Chancellery of the Sejm. In their justification, PiS deputies estimated that the cost of implementing the new bill for the budget would amount to PLN 400,000. zloty.

Solidarity Polska says no – for now at least

As we have established, there was no agreement in the government regarding the reform. The bill was not to be consulted with Solidarna Polska.

– I confirm that Solidarna Polska had big reservations about the project. It was absolutely unacceptable to us because it violated the ownership rights. We do not agree to such ideas, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Janusz Kowalski in an interview.

” There was no such conversation with us before, so we did not make a decision on this matter. If there is no talk, then there is no decision for yes. Perhaps we will vote in favour, or maybe we will not vote” – said the boss earlier in Polsat News Ministry of Justice and leader of the group Zbigniew Ziobro, quoted by PAP.

So maybe there will be a law regarding this after all. Only time will tell.

Source: BusinessInsider



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