100 million PLN of aid for Ukraine from Polish business

The value of material and financial aid provided by Polish business for activities supporting Ukrainian citizens is already over 100 million. It is about support organised as part of a joint action, in which the following participate: Employers of Poland, Corporate Connections, BNI Polska, Polish Business Council, Lewiatan Confederation, Business Centre Club Employers’ Union and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Affiliated organisations provide premises, accommodation, transport, legal support and translations for Ukrainians and companies that are able to offer such jobs.

In kindergartens and schools made available by Polish companies, 12 orphanages were established for approx. 2,000 children evacuated from Ukrainian care centres, who were provided with comprehensive care.

“Many of our members, owners of the largest companies in Poland, got involved in helping Ukraine, organising aid campaigns on their own, donating their products, services, and their teams. Often, entrepreneurs also help personally, are on the border, coordinate actions to speed up action” says Ryszard Chmura, CEO of Corporate Connections.

Polish business offers jobs to Ukrainians

Employer organisations are trying not only to help Ukrainians materially or legally, but also to introduce them to the Polish labour market. They cooperate with local governments, incl. in the field of coordination of the employment and acclimatisation process.

The job offer database is growing every moment. The positions are varied and both seamstresses, programmers and contact centre employees will be able to find a job in Ukrainian. We also have vacancies in gastronomy and hospitality. Ukrainian language translators are very much needed.” says Rafał Baniak, president of the board of Employers of Poland.

In Przemyśl, a reception point was created, where the Rekrutobus Personnel Service is stationed. There, citizens of Ukraine receive detailed information in Ukrainian on the labour market, procedures and job offers.

“The mobilisation of entrepreneurs is huge. Cities and institutions dealing with refugees provide us with information on an ongoing basis about the needs that we meet using the available resources of companies”. says Wojciech Kostrzewa, president of the Polish Business Roundtable.

Excluding VAT on some goods and services

The business also cooperates with the government in the field of legal changes. At the request of the Employers of the Republic of Poland and the Entrepreneurship Council, on March 4 this year. the government decided to abolish the tax on the supply of goods and services for the purposes of helping the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Employers of the Republic of Poland and other organisations also conduct financial collection for the fund to help victims of the war. It is available on the siepomaga.pl portal at this link.

Source: Gazeta


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