From today Ukraine will be able to import gas from Poland

Russia is a big provider of gas to many countries. Poland fx import gas from Russia but like many other countries, Poland is trying not to depend on gas from Russia. Ukraine, one of the largest gas consumers in Europe, stopped importing gas from Russia in 2015.

But because Ukraine is using a lot of gas, they still need to have some providers of this energy source. Therefore it is nice to be able to inform you that Poland from today can export gas to Ukraine.

Gas import from Poland from today

“Together with the Polish operator of the gas pipelines, Gaz-System, the rules for the implementation of guaranteed gas transmission capacities have been agreed, from today (6 of March, ed.) we will be able to physically import this raw material from Poland” wrote on Saturday on Facebook GTS Ukraine, a state-owned company dealing in gas transit in Ukraine.

Gas to Ukraine from 3 countries

“Thanks to this, we will be able to physically import gas from Poland, including liquefied gas delivered to the LNG terminal, on the terms covered by the guarantee” announced GTS Ukraine.

The company emphasised that gas will now be able to enter the Ukrainian market from three directions – Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Let’s hope that this is the beginning of a steam of positive news from Ukraine. In the meanwhile we should continue to help Ukraine in as many ways as possible.

Source: Pap Biznes

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